We want to do more with less, using green energy, increasing self-production and complying with both the highest international standards and internal procedures. We diligently protect both Company data and consumer data.


Ensure strong cybersecurity and personal data protection investing in servers and networks. Driven by the goal of keeping state-of-the-art safety standards and minimise issues and data breaches, there were 0 breaches in 2022. This encourages STIGA to continue advancing this project to secure data and servers.

2022 Result: 0 Breaches

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We are proud to report zero data breaches at STIGA in 2022. But this doesn’t mean we’re letting our guard down. On the contrary: as product connectivity expands and the Company’s offices enable Smart and Flexible Working policies, we will continue assessing and reducing the vulnerabilities and risks, supported by an ethical hacking partner. Consumer and employee data security will remain priorities in the years to come.

Claudio Mulazzani, Group ICT Director


Increase the quantity of connected products in overall sales mix. Connected products to represent more than 50% of total by 2024, a goal which continued to progress. The introduction of robots will increase the share of connected products in the future.

2022 Result: 50% of product categories are connected to Apps

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The connectivity project is designed to better inform our customers and dealers on effective use of our products. The idea is to improve efficiency and longevity of products across their lifetime, which is better for people and the environment. As connectivity is added to more products, we are excited to continue expanding the number of available features for our customers to help them care for their gardens in the best way possible.

Matteo Bonilauri, Program Manager, Connected Solutions

Green Plants and Offices

Reduce energy consumption per unit of volume produced and increase self-produced and purchased renewable energy. The goal was to increase the percentage of renewable energy vs 2021 (27%). Significant progress was made: 8 companies have a renewable energy certificate and the Chinese plant installed solar panels. The new solar panels produced 130,000 kWh following installation in July 2022; this green energy source will comprise 20% of the total energy consumption. Following this effort, STIGA is looking to expand the solar project for the Italian and Slovakian plants in the future.

2022 Result: 71% of electricity consumed by all plants and offices came from renewable sources

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Group Carbon Footprint

A new project will get underway in 2023 to calculate the carbon impact of STIGA. Our overall goal is to analyse and inventory the greenhouse gas emissions of the entire Group, including mapping upstream and downstream processes. In order to get started we are committing to complete an initial carbon footprint calculation by the first quarter of 2024.

Sustainable Supply Chain

A new project announced in the 2022 Sustainability Report is STIGA’s intent to be proactive when engaging with suppliers. We will collect information on the supply chain to ensure alignment with our Code of Ethics and goals for a responsible and sustainable supply chain. Our goal is to engage at least 50 of the top 100 suppliers through Sedex platform 2023.

We are changing our approach to supply chain management to align with our sustainability strategy. Whereas we previously built relationships with suppliers based on price, quality and reliability, we are now renewing our focus to evaluate their ESG impacts. Through our partnership with Sedex, we can systematise this effort to gain new insights into our suppliers, and address risks accordingly.

Gianluca Comelato, Senior Vice President Procurement & Supply Chain

Our strategy


We care about our gardeners and their gardens, and we are committed to design and manufacture products with a lower environmental impact.


We care about our employees. We ensure that they operate in a safe and stimulating work environment, balancing work and home life, as well as helping them to develop their capabilities by giving them the power they need, when and where they need it.


We want to do more with less, using green energy, increasing self-production and complying with both the highest international standards and internal procedures. We diligently protect both Company data and consumer data.