We care about our gardeners and their gardens, and we are committed to design and manufacture products with a lower environmental impact. We are committed to creating products that are electricity powered, made with recycled materials, provide high quality standards, and are connected and long-lasting. We encourage the use of mulching because this means less fertilisers and pesticides, less watering and no grass disposal.

Transition to electric

Sustainability is a growing driver in the gardening market and product electrification is one of the core pillars of the Company’s strategy. Battery technology creates the opportunity to make greener, lighter and quieter gardening products, while still maintaining a high level of performance.

The transition from petrol to battery powered STIGA products has the following impacts:

  • For STIGA, it improves the competitiveness of the brand in the market and increases the Company knowledge on green technologies;
  • For the environment, it reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions;
  • For consumers, it allows them to have greener and quieter products, without the drawbacks of petrol engines.

Commitment: electric powered products to represent more than 40% of total by 2024.


Mulching is a technique that involves mowing the lawn without collecting the grass clippings. The mower cuts the grass multiple times into extra-fine particles that are then blown down into the lawn to decompose and return valuable nutrients back into the soil. 

STIGA has always believed in the potential of the mulching and more than 80% of the lawn care products sold in 2021 are “mulch-ready”.

Studies carried out with Padova University show that mulching is an environmentally friendly technique.

Commitment: keep the percentage of “mulch-ready” products sold  above 80% of STIGA lawn care segment.


STIGA’s connectivity project started in 2020 and the first connected products were introduced in the market in the first quarter of 2021. Connectivity and innovation affect the functions involved in the development processes of the App and connectable devices, and impacts consumers and customers alike.  They will be able to monitor the performances of the devices and promptly intercept any problem that may arise. This, combined with the predictive maintenance indications sent through the App, has a positive impact on the life and performance of products.

Commitment: connected products to represent more than 50% of total by 2024.

Easy to repair

Prolonging a product’s useful life is important for the development of environmentally friendly products. Through connectivity, as we have already described, it’s possible to anticipate issues and recommend maintenance via the App. Through the dealer network, the consumer has the guarantee of professional, dedicated repairs of products.

STIGA has started measuring the criteria that can influence the repairability of products and is developing an index for electric products, with the commitment to expand this measurement to a growing number of electric branded products, starting from 2023.

Commitment: define the measurement system by the end of 2022. Extend by 2023 the measurement to all electric branded products.

Our strategy


We care about our gardeners and their gardens, and we are committed to design and manufacture products with a lower environmental impact.


We care about our employees. We ensure that they operate in a safe and stimulating work environment, balancing work and home life, as well as helping them to develop their capabilities by giving them the power they need, when and where they need it.


We want to do more with less, using green energy, increasing self-production and complying with both the highest international standards and internal procedures. We diligently protect both Company data and consumer data.