The path undertaken

"If you look after the planet, the planet will look after you"

With the release of the third annual Sustainability Report, STIGA shows the ways in which we continue to commit to environmental, social and governance objectives. The 2023 report was shaped by an intention to implement long-term changes. While in some areas our results held steady compared to 2022, in other areas we made important new strides that will provide us with a foundation for future sustainability efforts. The launch of a project to calculate the Group carbon footprint, once completed in 2024, will help inform future efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is just one of several projects we advanced as we also assessed our impact on material topics. We are proud to share this evolving journey in a transparent way in this year’s sustainability report and summary.

In 2023, we encountered significant uncertainties in a market that presented bigger challenges than ever before. These included the increasingly widespread economic downturn, global inflation, geopolitical uncertainties and extreme weather conditions that contributed to reduced maintenance of outdoor spaces.

However, 2023 also highlighted the resilience of the STIGA Group, and underlined even further the need for positive change. The UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals deadline is approaching and the Group places emphasis on the impact of its people on the planet. We continued to drive strong progress on our sustainability agenda, with all metrics improving.

In the meantime, this 2023 report shows what we have achieved so far and where we need to do better.

And I invite you to learn more about our 2023 sustainability path in the following pages, as well as to get a preview of our projects planned for 2024.

Sean Robinson, CEO

Sean Robinson

Key data


Recycled plastic in materials
vs 6.8% in 2022


Recycled material in packaging
vs 61% in 2022


Battery and electric products sold of overall sales
vs 25% in 2022


Female employees
vs 25% in 2022


Top 100 spending suppliers enrolled in Sedex or equivalent for ESG transparency


Renewable energy
vs 71% in 2022

This year we laid the groundwork to make even bolder progress on our sustainability strategy in 2024. Gathering data to calculate our carbon footprint has been at the centre of our efforts this year and has involved every company in the Group. At the STIGA Headquarters, we are working to improve our green energy footprint, having installed solar panels on the roof of our Italy plant at the end of 2023, which will give us greater energy autonomy in years to come.

Andrea Frassetto, Process Improvement and ESG Manager

Our strategy

Our biggest investments support our Products, People and Processes, the pillars of our Sustainability Strategy. We’ve combined our leading technological capability with the efficient use of resources, steering the industry towards renewable energy sources that have transformed the entire product lifecycle.


We care about our gardeners and their gardens, and we are committed to design and manufacture products with a lower environmental impact.


We care about our employees. We ensure that they operate in a safe and stimulating work environment, balancing work and home life, as well as helping them to develop their capabilities by giving them the power they need, when and where they need it.


We want to do more with less, using green energy, increasing self-production and complying with both the highest international standards and internal procedures. We diligently protect both Company data and consumer data.