Designed for real people and real gardens

At the STIGA Group, our gardening equipment is designed with attention to design and functionality. Drawing on our deep understanding of our customers’ needs and the gardening challenges they face, we’ve created a portfolio of reliable and intelligent tools to improve each task.

Designed for gardens of every shape and size, the STIGA Group tools ensure everyone can maximise the potential of their outside space.

Functional design

By listening to our customers and using our expertise in garden and lawn care, we solve real gardening tasks effectively. Our vision is to design gardening equipment with the optimum performance and comfort for every job.

Leading with innovation

At The STIGA Group, innovation means more than designing high-tech gadgets. Our innovative approach combines ergonomics, connectivity, user interface electronics and robust engineering to create gardening tools that enhance every gardener’s experience.

A solution for every season

A garden is a living, breathing space that changes every day. Our customers have their own vision for how to manage their garden through the changing seasons, and The STIGA Group products are here to make each task more efficient and enjoyable.

Our plants

Our testing department

We make it – we test it – we break it – and then we make it better.

(Sean Robinson – STIGA Group CEO)

Testing is a fundamental part of the process at The STIGA Group. Garden tools, machinery and equipment are extremely complex systems, so we test even the smallest parts to ensure they meet the following key standards:


Ensuring the motors are powerful and the moving parts are efficient to make each gardening task as satisfying as possible.


Our products are designed to be a reliable gardening partner for a long time, so we test them thoroughly to make sure they withstand wear and tear.


Everything from the holding position to the noise levels need to ensure the tool is comfortable and easy to use for the real person it is designed for.


Gardens should be safe for children and pets as well as adults, and it is crucial that our customers can use our tools confidently knowing they meet the highest safety standards.

Learn more about our dedicated testing facilities and opportunities available.