The STIGA Group has created a working environment in which people thrive. We’ve fostered a supportive and open culture, where everyone can share ideas to improve our services and grow the Group.

As an international business, we have opportunities across the globe in departments including Strategic Marketing & Communication, Sales & Distribution, Research & Development, Operations and other functions. Explore current open positions on The STIGA Group’s LinkedIn career page or contact us using the enquiry form if you have skills to bring to the team.

Who we are

STIGA is a young, dynamic, multicultural work environment: people at STIGA are passionate, energetic, open-minded professionals from all around the world. More than 60% of STIGA employees are aged between 25 and 45: STIGA is a company with a long, 100-year history but with its eyes fixed on the future.

The STIGA team is made up of 1,556 people from 41 countries across five continents.

Occupational health and safety policy

A safe and healthy workplace is essential for producing valuable work. That’s why at STIGA we regularly review our guidelines and processes, and employ a strict Occupational Health and Safety Management System, in accordance with our UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 Certificate.

A sustainable approach

STIGA considers listening to customers a fundamental part of doing business, especially when it comes to addressing our environmental impact. Our teams work hard to meet sustainability targets and guarantee that our products and services are compliant with environmental legislation. These efforts go hand in hand with ensuring that we are continually managing business risks and improving management processes.

Environmental Management System Certificate UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Quality Management System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Lifelong learning

At STIGA, we believe in giving people the tools they need – and that includes knowledge. STIGA Group fully embraces the concept of lifelong learning and is committed to offering its employees opportunities for professional and personal development. Promoting access to training programmes, organising internal courses and financing participation in external initiatives, both in person and online, are all fundamental principles we embrace to make sure that, as our people grow, STIGA grows too.


Togetherness is one of STIGA’s core values and the reason why, as a Group, we care so deeply about our relationships with our people and about their wellbeing, both in and beyond the workplace. In recent years, the Group has developed policies to allow its employees to prioritise their work-life balance, offering part-time work schemes, smart working and flexible working hours. At the same time, STIGA has strengthened its welfare plan to better support its employees and their families.