STIGA is the Group’s flagship brand. Founded in Sweden in 1934 by Stig Hjelmquist, STIGA has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing gardening tools.

With a drive for quality, performance and convenience, STIGA listens to its customers to design equipment that helps people love their gardens and enjoy taking care of them. Innovation and design are the trademark of STIGA. Our tools combine ergonomics with optimum power to make gardening simple, while minimising the equipment’s environmental impact.


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Alpina is an Italian brand founded in 1960 in Santa Lucia di Piave, Treviso. With a long tradition in lawn mowing and garden equipment, Alpina offers a complete range of gardening tools aimed at young home buyers based in urban areas. Its products embody modern design and ease of use for exceptional results. The majority of Alpina’s products are supplied through DIY and online retailers.


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Castelgarden is a European brand founded in 1962. It is well-known for its Italian designed lawn tractors and mowers. Castelgarden’s tools deliver high levels of power, advanced technology and sleek designs. The brand is aimed at customers who are passionate about caring for their gardens and are looking for smart tools to enhance the experience. Castelgarden products can be purchased in the dealer channel.


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Mountfield started trading in 1962 with its rotary mowers. Since then, it has become the leading gardening equipment brand in the UK. Designed to provide customers with excellent value for money, Mountfield’s mowers and gardening maintenance top quality tools are known for their reliability. The brand became part of The STIGA Group in 2000.


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With nearly 100 years in the market – one of the longest in the industry – ATCO is an iconic name in garden machinery around the world. The brand has been producing top-quality mowers for UK lawns since 1921, including those in royal palaces, tennis courts, cricket pitches, village greens and stately homes. ATCO dealers are prominent in the UK and offer excellent service along with warranties for customer peace of mind.


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The STIGA Group also develops products for both private labels and OEMs. With production facilities in China, Italy and Slovakia, we have the infrastructure and access to suitable resources needed to provide quality solutions based on our partners’ needs.

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