Quality, health & safety and environment policy

STIGA’s Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Policy is to Exceed Customer Expectations to maintain a high level of quality for its products and services, a high level of health & safety in the workplace and environment safeguard.

STIGA is committed to achieve its Policy by the following key points:

  • Adopting a continuous improvement of a Management System, certified in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards
  • Planning and controlling the company activities in line with the requirements of product quality, health & safety in workplace and environment safeguard, defined by STIGA and/or defined to meet market needs and/or defined by the customer and/or defined by the legislation
  • Analyzing the business macro-processes with the aim of improving their efficiency and
  • Planning, updating and monitoring activities to be compliant to product, process, health & safety and environmental regulations
  • Analyzing, evaluating and monitoring the suppliers’ performances according to STIGA cost, time, quality, health & safety and environmental policy
  • Monitoring all the interested parties with a focus on customers’ needs and their satisfaction, through market analysis and / or other tools, with the aim of pursuing a constant improvement of the products and services offered increasing the competitiveness, innovation and profitability of the company, through the pursuit of excellence in the products, health & safety and environment safeguard
  • Promote the risk-based thinking, to prevent damage to STIGA and its interested parties, and to promote their growth
  • Committing to fulfil all legal and other requirements
  • Consult and involve each worker and their representatives for safety, in order to allow anyone to contribute to the evolution of the organization, develop people’s culture, and increase their attention on safety and environmental themes
  • Minimize accidents, injuries, occupational diseases, and emergency situations with continuous improvement
  • Environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution
  • Developing sustainable supply chain

The managers of the business processes define specific objectives and measurable goals, consistent with the strategic vision expressed here, necessary for the pursuit of the Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Policy.