We care about our gardeners and their gardens, and we are committed to design and manufacture products with a lower environmental impact. We are committed to creating products that are electricity powered, made with recycled materials, provide high quality standards, and are connected and long-lasting. We encourage the use of mulching because this means less fertilisers and pesticides, less watering and no grass disposal.

Transition to electric

Increase the percentage of electric powered products sold in the overall sales mix by ensuring electric powered products to represent 28% by 2024. Our dedication to this transition is high: more than three-quarters of our R&D investments are in batteries and battery-powered products. But we still have to make progress to reach our 2024 goal, with 24% of overall sales coming from battery and electric powered products in 2023.

2023 Result: 24% of products sold were electric or battery-powered

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Encourage and promote the mulching technique to STIGA consumers, by keeping the percentage of “mulch-ready” products sold above 80% in the STIGA lawn care segment. The result of 87% of products sold being mulch-ready is in line with expectations. Our partnership with a local Italian university on mulching research continues to inform our innovation processes.

2023 Result: 87% of products sold were mulch-ready

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Recycled and Renewable

Although our goal was to increase the percentage of recycled, renewable and lower environmental impact components compared to 2022 achievements (6.8% recycled plastic and 61% recycled materials), the 2023 results are similar due to an unfavourable sales mix in the market. Efforts included new packaging designs that were released on some products to reduce impact with 59% of materials from recycled sources. In addition, testing sustainable materials continued, with 6.7% recycled plastic used in production.

2023 Result: 59% of packaging materials were recycled; 6.7% of plastic in products was recycled

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Behind every packaging innovation are efforts to work closely with R&D on product design, coordinate changes with materials and packaging suppliers and extensively test options for quality, all while seeking solutions that reduce environmental impact. We do this in a strategic way to ensure that our process changes today will set us up for success in the future as well.

Riccardo Villani, Packaging Manager

Long Life Products

Design for sustainability for us means design for high quality products that are human centred. We are embedding this concept into company culture by sharing experiences, creating guidelines, and including more analysis phases in the R&D process. This iterative process helps us refine alternatives in search of solutions that allow greater repairability and durability. As a result, the principles of circular economy are beginning to take root here at STIGA.

Daniele Tolotto, Product Design

In 2023 a new project was scoped to formalise the goal for long product life, involving design for disassembly, after-sales service improvement and spare parts availability.

2023 Result: During the “design for disassembly” pilot project, operations, tools and components were simplified for prototyped products. An internal committee was formed to create metrics and plan for spare parts availability. And finally, new instruction manuals and videos were created to improve service.

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"3R" for Batteries (Recharge, Repair, Recycle)

In 2023 a new project was scoped to formalise the goal to keep batteries properly recharged, repair where possible and start a recycling process.

2023 Result: Initial tests assessed an optimal recharging plan. New standards for battery repair, where needed, are being defined with implementation planned for 2024. Lastly, new collaborations with local Italian universities will help inform the development of battery recycling management practices.

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Our strategy


We care about our gardeners and their gardens, and we are committed to design and manufacture products with a lower environmental impact.


We care about our employees. We ensure that they operate in a safe and stimulating work environment, balancing work and home life, as well as helping them to develop their capabilities by giving them the power they need, when and where they need it.


We want to do more with less, using green energy, increasing self-production and complying with both the highest international standards and internal procedures. We diligently protect both Company data and consumer data.