The path undertaken

"If you look after the planet, the planet will look after you"

With the release of the second annual Sustainability Report, STIGA is reaffirming its commitment to become a business rooted in environmental, social and governance objectives. The 2022 report was shaped by both stakeholders and ongoing evolutions in our sustainability journey. We are pleased to share that some projects initiated in 2021 have already become embedded into company processes, giving us the opportunity to set our sights on even bigger goals. We are proud to share our accomplishments and ambitions in a transparent way as we look toward a more sustainable future.

2022 was a challenging year for many businesses across the world. Yet, STIGA Group can look back at a year in which we launched more new products, improved sales and margins, and achieved important business and ESG targets.

Looking ahead to 2023, we expect to compile an even deeper assessment of our ESG opportunities and our impact on the environment, with facts and data which will then strengthen our improvement strategy.

Above all, our aim is to improve as we grow. We understand the enjoyment and the benefits that green spaces bring to our everyday lives, and we want to keep turning this knowledge into action. Our passion to inspire and help consumers to take care of their gardens goes hand in hand with our commitment to cherish nature as a whole.

Sean Robinson, CEO

Sean Robinson

Key data


Recycled plastic in materials


Recycled material in packaging
vs 46% in 2021


Hours of training
vs 19,945 in 2021


ISO certifications achieved


Materials suppliers have signed the STIGA Code of Ethics


Renewable energy
vs 27% in 2021

This was the year that we saw how ESG has become embedded in the Company culture. Thanks to a robust governance and the regular meetings of the ESG Committee, project leaders are reporting back ideas and goals to their teams and seeing changes to the way we work. That’s why we were able to achieve so many of the targets we set out for ourselves in 2022, despite the challenges along the way.

Andrea Frassetto, Process Improvement and ESG Manager

Our strategy

Our biggest investments support our Products, People and Processes, the pillars of our Sustainability Strategy. We’ve combined our leading technological capability with the efficient use of resources, steering the industry towards renewable energy sources that have transformed the entire product lifecycle.


We care about our gardeners and their gardens, and we are committed to design and manufacture products with a lower environmental impact.


We care about our employees. We ensure that they operate in a safe and stimulating work environment, balancing work and home life, as well as helping them to develop their capabilities by giving them the power they need, when and where they need it.


We want to do more with less, using green energy, increasing self-production and complying with both the highest international standards and internal procedures. We diligently protect both Company data and consumer data.